These are some great resources that I wanted to share!  Click on the links below to bring you to each one . . . 

Partners of Sex Addicts Resource Center

This is a great website that is worth checking out.  I had a tough time finding resources for myself when we were in crisis so I thought I would pass this on.  There is even a blog on it that has a Recovering Sex Addict answering spouses questions.  I thought that was great and it is always helpful to hear their side of it too.  Knowing the "WHY" is helpful for our healing!

This is a great book for couple's dealing with sexual addiction issues and are trying to stay together.  I am in the process of reading it now and it is extremely helpful!   It is written by the therapists at Compulsion Solutions.  Check it out . . . I think you'll find it a GREAT resource.  I DID!!!!

She also wrote an article about "Suffering, Addiction and a Compassionate Way Out".  It's a really great article about not running away from your pain . ..  accepting and feeling the pain, accepting yourself and loving yourself with compassion.  This has been so helpful for me and my healing.  Read this:

Suffering, Addiction and a Compassionate Way Out

Compulsion Solutions

Help for sex addiction and porn addiction.  Check out their website.  They have help for the spouses as well, which is crucial in my opinion (especially if you want to try and stay together).  The therapists are all recovered addicts themselves so their motto is they have been there and done that.  They also work with people everywhere and specialize in phone sessions.  Sometimes finding the right person locally is really hard so I thought that this was worth passing on!

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  1. I hope you'll consider my website as a resource. If you go to to the "partners" link, there's a 15-page article "Help for the Partners of Sex Addicts". Perhaps you'd like to publish certain sections. I could use the link. The site also offers in-depth articles about doing sex addiction recovery through 12 different treatment modalities. It's gotten rave reviews. On the site is my blog, about ways to understand and treat Internet porn addiction.
    Your site is great. Best of luck with it.
    Dorothy Hayden, LCSW
    I'll be following!