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As many of you know, Craig and I have become Professional Life Coaches and work with men, women and couple's all over the world in healing from sex &/or porn addiction. We are very proud of the coaching programs that we have created and the feedback has been amazing!

Click here to learn more about The Mindful Habit System

It's our powerful, action oriented program to help recover, heal and move forward from the insanity of the world of sex addiction. We KNOW what it is like, we KNOW what it takes to recover and we KNOW we all have the strength to live the incredible life that we deserve!

I work with the women, Craig works with the men and we both coach couples together! We have reinvented ourselves and are using these crazy life challenges to help others who desperately need it. I am all about empowering women to dig deep down and find their inner AWESOMENESS!  We may not know where to find it ... but we all have it!!!!!

I totally know how scary it is to walk this path alone and it is SOOO important for us partners to reach our for support. Maybe reach out to a friend, a family member or a coach / counselor.  But get support .. it is crucial to your healing. We ALL deserve a fantastic life and I am passionate to help women and couples find their own happiness!!! Click here if you want to learn about my partner coaching program ....

The Mindful Habit - Partner Support Program

You can also download my Free Partner Survival Guide there

We also have an ONLINE COURSE for the men to break free of their compulsive sexual behavior. They learn the latest science, mindfulness, accountability and ACTION techniques to get off sex / porn and get their life back!  The men who have been through it say it is VERY powerful!!! Once enrolled in the program there is a lot of support which is crucial when going through the process.

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We would LOVE to help you recover and heal!  If you want more info on any of our coaching programs you can call us at:


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  1. Ed is so passionate about helping men to realize that they don't have to be their addict. He knows the horror and the shame of it all,