Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom ... Ain't It Sweet!

Today is the 4th of July, a day to celebrate freedom for our country. For many people it means, parties, food, friends, fireworks, booze ... and anything else that goes along with a big ole' celebration!  Most years I don't even think about the meaning too much, it's just a totally FUN holiday where no one works and we watch really cool, sparkly and awesome fireworks!!!  (I just love the glittery ones ... they always make me smile).  

So, it's been a pretty tough but incredible year this year.  With that in mind the concept of this holiday today got me thinking.  My brain has been completely lost in thought , thinking about what freedom means for me right here, right now!  For me it is a bit different than the patriotic kind ... and I just want to take a quick moment to recognize the things that I want to celebrate today ... 
here, in this moment!!!! 

Today IS about FREEDOM .....

  • Freedom from the craziness of addiction in our lives.  
  • Freedom to make the right choices for myself because I know I will survive no matter what I go through.
  • Freedom to know I am powerful and strong and can do WHATEVER THE HELL I want to do!
  • Freedom to discuss what has happened in my life and the challenges that I had worked through, without worrying about that judgments of others.  I know it helps others and I am so VERY proud of that and proud of us!
  • Freedom to BELIEVE in the incredible possibilities that lay ahead of Ed and I for the future!
And most importantly ....
  • Freedom to believe in the existence of my fantasy that my relationship will be filled with passion, intimacy and excitement one day!  We have the intimacy down ... now we are working hard at  the passion part!  

So I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all of my incredible, fantastic and BRAVE brothers and sisters out there!  If addiction of any kind has touched your life, wether yourself or your loved one ... just take this day and celebrate the fact that you have the ability to pave your own path through this life!  What do we tell our kids?  "You can be whatever you WANT to be" ... believe it ... just believe it with everything you have inside, it's TRUE!!!!

Happy 4th everyone!  I am going out to a party now, to be with my family and friends and just bask in the fact that my life and family may not be perfect ... but it is mine and I love it!

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